Useful bash scripts for backing things up, analysing bits, etc etc

Container backups

Somewhat stolen from here and updated to work with current LXC/LXD whatever it is I have installed.

If in doubt, the snapshot process does take quite a while with my containers, not sure if that's just my ancient boot drive or the size of the containers. If you'd like more information, you might be able to add -l INFO to the lxc snapshot command.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -ex

HOSTS=($(lxc list -c n,s --format csv | grep RUNNING | sed 's/[,].*//'))

for HOST in "${HOSTS[@]}"
    echo "Backing up container '$HOST'"
    BACKUP_NAME=${HOST}_$(date +"%Y-%m-%d")

    echo "Generating snapshot..."
    lxc snapshot ${HOST} auto-backup
    echo "Publishing snapshot as image... '$BACKUP_NAME'"
    lxc publish ${HOST}/auto-backup --alias ${BACKUP_NAME}
    echo "Exporting image..."
    lxc image export ${BACKUP_NAME} ${BACKUP_DIR}/${BACKUP_NAME}.tar.gz
    echo "Tidying up"
    lxc image delete ${BACKUP_NAME}
    lxc delete ${HOST}/auto-backup