IC7000 Radio-Computer Interface

Fairly recently I bought an Icom IC7000 radio. It's a great small radio with up to 100W of RF power output. However, the interface cable that it came with (called a Icom Data Mode Cable cable), has two cables for audio and a USB serial connection, great! However, looking at the schematic of the Icom Data Mode Cable cable, it turns out the serial interface is only used with the RTS line for PTT on the radio... not so useful if I wanted to control the radio with my computer. Also, it uses the ACC connector on the back of the radio which does not mute the handset microphone when sending audio (this can be a big problem when trying to send data). IC7000 Connections

So let's build a custom interface that uses the Data jack (and CI-V)!


Includes a USB hub meaning one connection to a computer provides a PnP audio interface + serial connection to the radio.

![Interface Schmatic]({{ site.url }}/images/DSC_0498.jpg)